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Kinesiology Taping

The tape's innovative design, along with knowledgeable application by a skilled practitioner, allows it to support and aid drainage of the tissues to which it is placed.


Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive, designed to enhance the body’s natural healing process whilst offering muscle and joint support and stability. It works by microscopically lifting the skin away from the affected area below to help alleviate pain, improve blood circulation and facilitate lymphatic drainage. At Ruth Mills Therapies we use Tiger Tape which can be used to treat a range of sports and non-sports injuries.


Muscle and joint re-education (through increased proprioceptive input)

Ease pain

Support muscles and joints (without restricting natural movement)

Alleviate tendinitis

Reduce swelling by supporting lymph flow and blood circulation

Decrease muscle fatigue

Improve posture and body alignment

What to expect

Kinesiology tape is usually very comfortable to wear as doesn’t restrict movement and therefore it shouldn’t feel too tight or limiting.

Tiger K tape is water and sweat resistant so is suitable for heavy workouts and allows you to shower/swim without it coming off. We advise to leave the tape on for 3-5 days, just pat dry after showering. It is also latex free and hypoallergenic.


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At Ruth Mills Therapies a full history will be taken to allow a clear understanding of your current health and previous conditions. A suitable treatment plan will then be created to help get you back to full functional fitness.

Treatments may include deep tissue massage, therapeutic ultrasound, joint mobilisations and kinesiology taping. You may also be prescribed exercises to undertake at home to promote healing and speed up your recovery.

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