Current Fees for treatments from the 5th February 2024


Price list from the 5th February 2024

On your first visit a full examination and assessment is carried out leading to a potential diagnosis, and an appropriate treatment plan is constructed.

From £
Initial Sports Therapy Consultation
With Treatment
45 Mins - 1 hour
Recommendations for treatment
Subsequent Treatments
Treatments 45 mins
Full diagnosis on improvements
List of Exercises to help improve fitness
If you would like to come in just for K-tape application then Ruth can apply this for you
Give Ruth a call today to see how she can help you get back to fitness
From £
Deep Tissue Massage
£45(45 Mins)
£55 (60 Mins)
£75 (90 Mins)
How to Pay
Cash or Card is Accepted
We accept Mastercard at Ruth Mills Therapies
We accept Maestro at Ruth Mills Therapies
We accept Visa at Ruth Mills Therapies
We accept Discover Cards at Ruth Mills Therapies
We accept Dinnerscard at Ruth Mills Therapies
Diners Card
We accept JCB card at Ruth Mills Therapies
We accept Union Pay card at Ruth Mills Therapies
Union Pay
How to Find
Ruth Mills Therapies
Once you arrive at Thatcham Football Club you can park anywhere in the main car park then follow the A-board signs to Ruth Mills Therapies.
They direct you through the gate towards the football pitch then turn right and walk alongside the pitch for approx. 100m.
The treatment room is located through the double doors by the changing rooms with a Ruth Mills Therapies sign pinned on the door.

Please note: Missed appointments and cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at full rate.

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We care about your Treatment

Great Success in patient treatments:

Ligament Sprains
Muscle Strains
Tendon Injuries
Neck and Back pain, with or without associated arm or leg pain
Muscle tightness or active trigger points
Joint pain and stiffness
All types of sporting injuries, whether new or recurrent

Ruth Mills
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