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Despite its name Sports Therapy is equally suitable for both sports people and non-sports people alike. Ruth Mills Therapies was set up in 2010 with the main aim of providing affordable healthcare to anyone suffering with pain or injury regardless of age, ability and lifestyle. Ruth’s approach is to deliver hands-on treatment (including deep tissue massage, ultrasound and kinesiology taping), and also to provide all the appropriate rehabilitation exercises allowing the person to return to full functional fitness.

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What can a Sports Therapist do for you?

Discover how Ruth can help relieve pain, ease tight muscles and get you back on the path to being pain-free.

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With over 16 years’ experience Ruth has built up an extensive clientele throughout the West Berkshire and North Hampshire area

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Ruth uses a range of treatments to help relieve pain and get people back to full fitness, including deep tissue massage and joint mobilisations.

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Need more information from Ruth or if you would like to book and appointment, please do hesitate to contact us.


Sports Therapy & Injury Management

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy can help with muscle aches and pains linked with daily living, work-related complaints, and general physical activity like caring for children or gardening.

What to Expect

A friendly and professional approach, helping to put you at ease.

I’ve helped thousands of happy clients.

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Why becoming a Sports Therapist was so apt for Ruth.


A hands on approach is the key aspect to your treatment.


I have more than 16 years of experience in the field of Sports Therapy.

Ruth Mills - Your Sports Therapist
Why see a Sports Therapist

Benefits of using a Sports Therapist

The following benefits can be experienced through the application of sports and deep tissue massage techniques:

- Muscle tension, soreness, and discomfort are reduced.
- Improved performance due to increased range of motion.
- After exercise or physical activity, muscular stiffness and pain are reduced.
- Post-injury healing time is cut in half.
- Relaxation levels are higher, while physical and psychological stress levels are lower.
-Aids in the quantity and quality of sleep.

These advantages are mostly due to an increase in local blood circulation, which aids in the removal of chemical irritants and waste materials that have accumulated within the muscle. Fresh blood flow improves oxygen and nutrition content within the muscle at the same time. This, in turn, can aid muscle recovery and contribute to a reduction in muscle tension.


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Ruth Mills
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An initial consultation with Ruth will involve filling out a record card to help gain a comprehensive understanding of what has led you to seek treatment. A sports therapist will use a variety of tests to work out what is causing pain and dysfunction; including assessing range of movement, strength and balance. Ruth focuses on a hands-on treatment approach and may incorporate deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, assisted stretches, exercise prescription, injury prevention advise, kinesiology taping and therapeutic ultrasound

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What People Say About Us

Lets get you back to your phenomenal self

Bambi Newport

Ruth Mills Therapies is fantastic! Ruth is very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly, putting you at ease. She has a lot of experience and understanding to ensure correct diagnosis and treatment plans, and explains the issue and the treatment clearly. As my job is very physical, the importance of maintenance and effective treatment is key and Ruth is able to adapt and address treatments accordingly. She is flexible and accommodating when it comes to arranging appointments. I would highly recommend Ruth to anyone who needed treatment for injury, maintenance, or just a good deep massage!

4/4 Stars
Matt Fettal

Would highly recommend Ruth. Following a Grade 3 Calf Tear, I was looking for a Sports Therapist to support me on a ongoing nature with reducing the risk of a reoccurrence.Playing football 3-4 times per week means the risk of it happening again is always there but seeing Ruth on a regular basis, I have noticed a significant difference in my recovery times, muscle condition, general well-being and overall confidence.Always a friendly welcome, professional and great value. Would highly recommend 60mins+Thanks for all you do Ruth

4/4 Stars
Michaela Wells

Ruth is an amazing sports therapist, I have seen her for my sports massage and she will work her magic every time. I have used Ruth during all of my training and events which have included 4 ultra marathons and she has looked after me well. Ruth is very knowledgeable in her field and will help with advice if you need it. I highly recommend if you have any niggles, aches or pains then Ruth is the lady to see, she will certainly keep you in tip top shape and keep your muscles working.

4/4 Stars
LadyMush Vass

After suffering for years with bad back & sciatica and various physiotherapists I came to see Ruth, WOW I wish I had used Ruth years ago as I feel like a new person last night was the 1st night in a VERY long time I was able to sleep on my side without the feeling my ribs were going to break, I have had a good night sleep pain free, thank you so much Ruth, you honestly have the magic touch.

4/4 Stars
Claire Louise Barrett

I have been to Ruth for many years. Initially for injury recovery and now I continue to see her for maintenence. She is very warm and welcoming and professionalml. Recommends exercises to help improve pain, with her wide range of knowledge I feel very safe and well looked after each time I visit.Located in an easy place with free parking I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ruth to anyone.

4/4 Stars
Paul Howell

Seen Ruth a couple of times for some neck and back issues. Ruth has managed to make my life a whole lot easier with helping to release areas that had been very stubborn. Would highly recommend Ruth to all those that need help.

4/4 Stars
Ayelsha Dorè-Richardson

Brilliant. Ruth was very friendly and welcoming. She had some great advice for my  worn out knees and gave me a fantastic massage.

4/4 Stars
Paul Derby

Fantastic Sports Massage. Saw Ruth following a Grade 2 Calf Tear and now wouldn’t look anywhere else. Skilled at her profession and would highly recommend.

4/4 Stars
Sophie Oglesson

Went to Ruth with tight shoulders from an old car accident and office job. Feel much better now and will be sure to return when I have further issues. Friendly and professional.

4/4 Stars
Michael Landless

Ruth is a great physio, really helped me when I damaged my rotator cuff.

4/4 Stars
Megan Highland

Very friendly, lovely lady and felt at ease. Had a treatment after suffering with back and shoulder pain and helped lots!
Will definitely return in the future.

4/4 Stars
Emma Fowler

Thank you so much for my treatment, can highly recommend.

4/4 Stars
Paul Spokes

Just used ruth to sort my shoulder pain would highly recommend her.

4/4 Stars