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Injury Prevention

Injuries are difficult not just physically, but also mentally, however with Ruth's help you can look at injury slightly differently; a chance to take a look at how you change aspects in your training, work and life to enhance your health and fitness.


This kind of treatment is designed to help reduce the risk of injury or re-injury by identifying areas of tightness, weakness or imbalance throughout the body. Not all injuries can be prevented but by targeting and improving areas of malfunction, some injuries can be avoided.

After a full assessment, treatments may involve a combination of stretching exercises, a range of massage techniques, balance exercises, strengthening exercises and other treatments appropriate to the assessment findings.

Advice is key, you will be given advice on the best way to return to sport following an injury, postural advice to help prevent further aggravation from poor posture and advice on warming up/cooling down post training.


Help prevent future injuries by reducing the build-up of muscle tension, strengthening any weakness in the muscles or joints, improving proprioception and balance and becoming more aware of posture and alignment.

What to expect

You will become more aware and knowledgeable about your body and any previous injuries to help prevent ongoing issues. For example if you have suffered a chronic injury like lower back pain, not only will you receive treatment but you will be given a multitude of different ways to try and improve this including core stability exercises, postural advice when sitting at the computer and ways to stretch and warm up your back prior to exercise.


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At Ruth Mills Therapies a full history will be taken to allow a clear understanding of your current health and previous conditions. A suitable treatment plan will then be created to help get you back to full functional fitness.

Treatments may include deep tissue massage, therapeutic ultrasound, joint mobilisations and kinesiology taping. You may also be prescribed exercises to undertake at home to promote healing and speed up your recovery.

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