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Exercise Prescription

Your treatment doesn’t stop once leaving Ruth Mills Therapies- your commitment and dedication at home to complete the relevant rehabilitation exercises is key in making a full recovery. Exercise prescription will ensure you are completing the correct exercises.


As part of your treatment at Ruth Mills Therapies you may be given some exercises to undertake at home which will promote recovery and reduce the risk or re-injury. Following a soft tissue injury, for example, you may be given exercises to help strengthen and stretch the injured area and surrounding muscles. This is important to fully rehabilitate the injured area and therefore reduce the chance of re-injury. 

Exercise programs may include stretches, balance and proprioception training, postural re-education, muscles balancing exercises, sport specific training, resistance training and core stability exercises.


There are many benefits from following a rehabilitation program during your recovery. These include:

  • Strengthening muscles and ligaments
  • Stretch tight muscles
  • Improve joint mobility and flexibility 
  • Improve balance and proprioception
  • Improve confidence when returning to sport
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Maximise the body’s capabilities
What to expect

Hands on treatment serve only part of the full treatment programme. It is important to undertake the exercises you are given in order to make a full recovery. A poorly rehabilitated injury is more likely to cause problems in the future. You may be advised to use equipment for some of the exercises such as resistance band, exercise ball, foam roller or a wobble board.


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At Ruth Mills Therapies a full history will be taken to allow a clear understanding of your current health and previous conditions. A suitable treatment plan will then be created to help get you back to full functional fitness.

Treatments may include deep tissue massage, therapeutic ultrasound, joint mobilisations and kinesiology taping. You may also be prescribed exercises to undertake at home to promote healing and speed up your recovery.

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