Deep tissue massage – a deeper form of massage targeting areas of tension in the muscle. It has many recognised benefits such as maintaining and increasing flexibility, reducing any stiffness  soreness of training, increasing circulation and reducing the  risk of injury.

Even if you are not involved in any sporting activity, a deep tissue sports massage can benefit you. Tension can build up in the muscles, whether it is through the stresses and strains of everyday life, or poor posture adopted in the working environment.

Ultrasound – this treatment works by emitting mechanical vibrations through the soft tissues. There is evidence to show that this can interact with certain cells in the body, influencing their activity and leading to the acceleration of repair. Ultrasound is also considered to improve the extensibility of scar tissue, which develops following an injury.

Maitland’s vertebral and peripheral joint mobilisations – Mobilisations are now recognised evidence-based treatment methods for both spinal and peripheral joint pain or stiffness.

Core stability exercise program

Strengthening and flexibility exercises, including PNF Stretching (PNF – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) –a technique of combining passive and isometric stretching in order to achieve maximum static flexibility.

Sport specific rehabilitation exercises

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