*Lockdown 3.0 Information*

What does lockdown 3.0 mean for Ruth Mills Therapies?
Ruth Mills Therapies has had to close for regular appointments over the lockdown period, as they are deemed non-essential.

However The Society of Sports Therapists have stated that "Sports Therapists can continue to operate as long as all treatment and rehabilitation sessions are clinically reasoned to be necessary for the treatment of a musculoskeletal condition, where the patient is in pain, and requires a face-to-face appointment to enable a reduction in symptoms and disability".

Therefore if you are in pain and your injury/condition is effecting you doing day to day activities, please contact Ruth. An assessment will be made to carefully consider the need for a face to face appointment.

Temperature checks will also be taken on arrival and as previously you are required to wear a face covering and sanitise your hands.

Any questions please feel free to email ruth@ruthmillstherapies.com or call 07914 803955.

Ruth Mills Therapies

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